My cut off marks 4 medicine is 191 and i belong to BC. will i get MBBS  seat in any of the govt. medical colleges in Tamilnadu
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In last year merit list for MBBS/BDS admission 2009  Nine students, who scored 200/200, secure top ranks Since
all the students had scored the same marks, other criteria such as date
of birth were used to rank them, according to Health Secretary V.K.
Subburaj, who released the list. The information is also available on
the website
Total seats Of the 12,274
candidates who sought admission for the MBBS/BDS courses, 4.78 per cent
was found ineligible for a variety of reasons. There are 1,483 seats in
government medical colleges and 348 seats are part of the government
quota in private medical colleges. Another 560 seats are available with
private, self-financing medical colleges in the State.

cut-off mark for OCs alone this year is 197.25. Last year’s cut-off was
196.75. The other cut-off marks will be announced later, Mr. Subburaj
said. A total of 85 BDS seats are available in the Government Dental
College and 783 seats are available in 11 private dental colleges.

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