What is the difference between architecture and b.arch
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Bachelor of Architecture or B.Arch. is the branch of engineering which is related to Planning, Designing and Construction works before the starting a particular project.

B.Tech Architecture is a division of B.Tech Engineering where the
designing, planning and construction of buildings come under
consideration . Its really a field for those with good imaginative and
creative power , where you have something to do of your own , where you
can make your dream of making your imaginations solid , come true . For
eg : You can put into practice your new ideas of interior divisions ,
which you fell is something new and creative , in homes that you
design.... Its really something great to see that your thoughts are
implemented and used....

  One thing very important you want to note is that , there
are 5year & 4year courses . Even though the general pattern of study
materials are the same , there are differences in both . Its based on
the university and study pattern you choose .

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