MBBS Seats in COMEDK Colleges - I have a question on COMEDK, uget-2008. I could not find no of seats for MBBS available for students of other states/ seat matrix, on the site this did not open. Please advise me. thanks Yours truely, Prabit kumar Das
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Reply by gopalsoni - 3081days 20hrs 5mins 21secs ago
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The comedk 2008 UGET brochure says that 40% of the MBBS Admission is done through Test and counseling (Karnataka CET).

 40% thru COMEDK 2008 UGET which is open to all (from Karnataka and Outside Karnataka). The Seat Matrix of Individual college will be available after the exams as nothing is mentioned in the brochure

Reply by Ajay - 3089days 2hrs 5mins 7secs ago
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