Which is better course after completing BSc.(Maths) MCA OR MS-IT
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If you do have good login sense then MCA is the better choice to join IT industry for Programming.

Where MS-IT is also good option.

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For a B.Sc. Math student as your are just entering into Information Technology - it is better You should focus on understanding the course curriculum of various choices, be they for MCA or MSc in IT.

Focus on the content of the program and then make decisions that are consistent with your ambitions, goals, and interest. Some students do the MCA and others do the MSc in IT.

Both have good scope.However MCA restricts itself to the knowledge of use of computers and programming whereas M.Sc (IT) not only includes the above, but also incorporates the use of information as a business tool (typically from the systems angle). In this regard, M.Sc. - IT is similar in many aspects to MBA -systems, albeit with less emphasis on the business functional aspects. In other words, M.Sc - IT offers greater scope than MCA in terms of knowledge though MCA happens to be a more specialised course.

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